About Mikey

Hey all,

I’m a thirty something energetic and super organised guy. I’ve just got in to my own stride and feel like I’m approaching the top of my game in the continuous work/life balance saga. So, I’ve started to reflect on the good things in life, what I’ve done in the past that I deem either successes or failures, but that either way have got me to where I am now. As I’m looking back at all the mistakes or achievements in my life so far I’ve started to think about all the really useful ‘life hacks’ and general knowledge I’ve picked up along the way, and there is just so much of it, it seemed like a waste to not let others benefit from it too. So, here goes, I’m going to be posting loads of articles covering a really wide variety of topics that all have the underlying intention of helping you out. I’ll be covering things from prepping CV’s to planning dream holidays and pretty much everything in between.

Visit my contact page if you have any subject recommendations as I’ll always be happy to hear them and do my best to get some useful tips and info out to you.

Thanks for sticking around.